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Expansion Machine hydro expansion

Hydro expansion is a method of expanding tube by means of pressurized water. The tube is filled with water and once filled the water is pressurized past the yield point of the tube therefore providing expansion. This method is used extensively in baseboard header assemblies and in coil production for bonding tubes to fin assemblies.

The hydro expansion systems utilize a high pressure pump that is accurately controlled by a pressure sensor and a high speed PLC. The pump system is connected to the tube ends by means of specialty designed expansion tooling that quickly grips and seals on the plain tube end. The BKO standard tooling will handle expansion pressures up to 25,000 PSI. The expansion tools are used in pairs. One is connected to the pump system while the other is equipped with an automatic air bleed valve. Once the tools have been placed on to the tube ends the cycle is initiated by means of a foot switch. The tube is filled with water forcing the air through the air bleed valve. Once the air bleed valve automatically closes the tube is pressurized to a preset value. The system controls the maximum pressure and automatically dumps the pressure when expansion is achieved.

Hydro expansion cycles are very quick with no mechanical bullet to tube contact wear.

Advantages of Hydro Tube Expansion

Portable: You can bring the expander to the coil
Fast: Expansion cycles of 2 to 5 seconds
Consistent: Normal wall thickness tolerances have no effect on expanded diameter
Flexible: Coil size and shape are of no concern
Low maintenance: No mechanical bullet-to-tube wear
Efficient: Very low power consumption
Environmentally safe: Uses ordinary tap water

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