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Tubular hydroforming systems are used in the manufacture of hard to form tubular parts. Hydroformed parts weigh less and are stronger due to structural integrity and fewer welds. Eliminating secondary operations and reducing scrap while increasing design flexibility can realize cost savings. These parts range from metal bellows, plumbing parts and aerospace parts.

End Forming:
Tube end forming systems used in manufacturing tubular parts. The BKO product line includes an all electric end former for high speed, highly repeatable end forms.
Common end forms include bells, reductions, flares, beads.

Hydrostatic Testing:
BKO Technical specializes in high pressure hydrostatic test systems and tooling. BKO has pump systems to 60,000 psi and test tooling to 30,000 psi. The tooling can be used to quick connect to plain end tubing or pressure ports of the test specimen.
Our systems and tooling are made from stainless steel to be used with the safety and convenience of plain water.
As with all of our systems, we customize to your requirements by using standard proven components. By utilizing our high pressure pump systems along with our high pressure tooling we also offer a full range of burst testers. We can customize the burst testers with convenient to operate safety enclosures along with quick response electronics for recording the burst pressure.

BKO Technical designs accurately controlled pressure systems with unique quick connect tooling for tube expansion to ideally support the coil manufacturing industry. Utilizing high pressure water systems, tubes can be pressurized past their yield point to controllably expand them creating a strong mechanical bond. This process is prevalent in the heat exchanger coil manufacturing industry. BKO Technical designs accurately controlled pressure systems with unique quick connect tooling to ideally support this industry.

High Pressure:

Manufacture unique stainless steel components for working pressure to 60,000 psi. These products include quick disconnect couplings, directional control valves, pressure relief valves and pressure regulators.

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