Pressure relief valves

Pressure Relief Valve

-Pressures to 60,000 PSI
-Stainless Steel Construction
-Wide Pressure Adjustment Range
-Manual Adjust or Air Dome Controlled
-Large Orifice for High Flow Applications
-Retains Pressure Setting Regardless of Seat Wear

Max Pressure Style Port Size Port Type
30 RVA 09 MPF
20=20,000 PSI
  04=1/4" MPF=Medium Pressure Female
    09=9/16" MPM=Medium Pressure Male
Nipple Only
30=30,000 PSI
    16=1" HPF=High Pressure Female
60=60,000 PSI
    HPM=High Pressure Male
Nipple Only
      M=Type M Male

Seal Option
Blank=Std. urethane

   The Air Dome Controlled version is ideal for remote adjustments of system pressure. The air dome can be controlled by an electro/pneumatic device to create pressure profiles for test and manufacturing applications.
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